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  • It doesn’t require complicated skills like copywriting or making websites.
  • It doesn’t require startup capital…
  • It doesn’t require “talent.” Just enough brains to know what to do. And I’ll tell you that.
  • It doesn’t require experience… I designed this method with the complete beginner in mind.

Question… Who sells the most cheeseburgers in the world?



Answer: McDonalds.


Does McDonalds have the best burgers in the world?

Of course not.


They do have the world’s best system for selling burgers.

They even have 16 year olds running that place and it still makes money.

What i’m about to share with you is like the McDonalds for making money online.

A streamlined system anyone can follow and profit with.

You see, most money-making systems have too many steps.

Some have 30+ steps you have to get just right, in the right order, at the right time in order to ring the bell and make a few bucks…

So even if you do 29 out of the 30 steps right… YOU WON’T MAKE ANY MONEY because you messed up on 1 step.

Screw that.

That’s setting yourself up to fail.

This is why I became obsessed with making money online with the least amount of steps possible.

This means you won’t need a website, you won’t need to write content and you won’t need any skills to bank the $100 bucks per day.


With most systems if you’re off track just a little but, you’ll get a gutter ball, and make no money.

With this method you can still make significant income ($100 per day or more) with a horrible shot.


The truth is I didn’t…

I can’t take credit for this system…

I learned it from a “Marketing Buddah” who chooses to remain anonymous.

And although I’m not at liberty to reveal his name; rest assured that he is the best there is at taking complicated ideas and turning them into simple steps you can use immediately to make money.

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on online marketing, spend HOURS creating websites and learning by trial and error.


Use this simple 12 page step by step report that condenses down everything about making $100 per day into a 15 minute read.

No fluff and NO B.S.

This is just the raw information you need to make $100 per day starting from absolute scratch.


Some time ago, I was dead broke. My business was almost bankrupt and I couldn’t even pay the rent.

Actually, I wasn’t just broke.

I was desperate.

I used to think in order to make lots of money I had to work hard.

But there was a problem.

I didn’t start making big money until I started doing less – a lot less.

I just started doing more of the right things. It doesn’t matter how well you execute something, if its a bad idea… You won’t make any money.

The right idea and the right system is more important than execution.

Don’t take as long as I did to figure this out.

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Anyone who thinks they’ve tried everything when it comes to making money online. ..

Anyone who thinks they need to invest $1000’s of dollars in advertising to start a real online business.

Anyone who is tired of tinkering with websites and doesn’t want anything to do with html and design.

Anyone who is busy, tired or doesn’t have time to implement systems that have 30+ steps to use.



Enough to take a chance.

Enough to absorb what I’ll give you.

Enough to put the principles into action.

If you do just that – nothing more, nothing less – the results will be hard to believe.

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